SF Apartment Hunting!

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The Mixer: I went to this place out in SOMA where the host had literally set up a mini party to find his next roommate. It was an open house from 6-9, and you could go check out the apartment and see if it was a good fit. While it would be fine as a dinner party, this was absolutely …

Google My Business Tips

Tips to get Verified by Google Business Listings

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If you have recently gotten your business denied by Google My Business, things can seem hopeless. You’ve put all this time into building your physical business, only to have Google tell you that you don’t qualify. If you are indeed a real business, don’t fret, there is probably something you did wrong. Here is a checklist to make sure you …

Nest Review

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Nest Review   The Nest is not your average box thermometer. With an aesthetic usually reserved for new Apple products, and innovative features like temperature preference learning, the Nest Thermostat is ahead of its time.   The Nest Thermostat is created by Nest Labs, a leader of home automation products including smoke detectors and security systems. Although first introduced in 2011, I personally received a free …